the begining...

The Busch family purchased Scoops n' More from Deb and Rob Williamson in 2007.  Already a terrific ice cream store Ken and Wayne expanded the offering and created inside seating.  Scoops was started out and continues to be YOUR hometown ice cream store.

We use only Hershey Ice Cream, believing it to be the best ice cream on the market.

We make our hand dipped milk shakes one at a time and have been voted best shake, five years in a row.

Always out to please, we hope you feel that this little ice cream store is part of your families growing up and that the kids will remember their ice cream experience for many years to come.

Remember that store your parents or grandparents took you to when you were little?  It wasn't just the good ice cream, it was the family doing things together, that's what we believe in.

We hope your visit is one that you will always remember.



All Day Every Day:

      11 AM to 7 PM

Holidays: Closed Christmas, Thanksgiving and days it rains 24 straight hours.


Call us AT:


[scoops n' more]e.

polk county north carolina -  home of the nicest people in the world.